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Would you like to feel comfortable while you're receiving dental attention you need from a professional you can trust? Many patients at Peery Family Dentistry have been coming to our practice for their entire lives because they know that we have created an environment where they can relax. Peery Family Dentistry has been caring for patients in the Lynchburg, Virginia area since 1980, and we'd enjoy the opportunity to tend to your needs as well!

Dr. James M. Peery, Jr. started his practice to help adults improve their overall oral health during general dentistry examinations, and now people he once treated as children are bringing in their own sons and daughters! Dr. Peery has even brought on his son, Dr. James M. Peery III, as a full partner. As you can see, we're very family-oriented, so you can relax knowing that your child will be in good hands during a children's dentistry exam.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We also offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services. Some of our patients like to go the extra mile to achieve a beautiful, esthetically pleasing appearance. We recommend teeth whitening treatments to those who want to remove stains from their enamel for a whiter, brilliant smile. If you've chipped or cracked a tooth, our dentists can place a porcelain veneer over the area to conceal the damage. Dr. James Peery, Jr. and Dr. James Peery III take pleasure in boosting the self-image of Lynchburg inhabitants with successful cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Over time, teeth and gums can become affected by time, decay, and even accidents that can damage your smile! Peery Family Dentistry sees many restorative dentistry patients who are looking for a solution to return their bite to normal. Dr. Peery Jr. and Dr. Peery III can assist them in multiple ways. For those who have lost a majority of their teeth or who need to have a significant amount extracted, we can fit them with full dentures or partials. Occasionally, visitors to our office are interested in a more permanent method for replacing teeth. In these instances, our dentists can work together to place and restore a dental implant that will create a sturdier bite. Please contact Peery Family Dentistry to begin planning your restorative treatment at our Lynchburg, VA location.

Does the idea of visiting a dentist's office make you a little nervous? Being afraid of dental work is quite a common fear, even among adults! Dr. Peery has recognized that this anxiety can become problematic if it results in cancelled or skipped appointments. To ease the worries of our patients, we can provide sedation dentistry in the form of nitrous oxide and oral medications. This creates a somewhat euphoric feeling and can relax you while you receive the dental care you need! Ask our staff about sedation dentistry when you're scheduling your appointment.

Please call us today to schedule our appointment at Peery Family Dentistry. We're located in Lynchburg, Virginia, but we also see patients from the surrounding areas. If you're new to our practice, we ask that you please visit our new patients page. Dr. James M. Peery, Jr. and Dr. James M. Peery III can't wait to welcome you to our dental family.

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