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About Our Lynchburg Dental Office

Welcome to Peery & Woolwine Family Dentistry!

Our team would like to extend quality dental care to you and your family. We’ve been treating smiles since 1980! Our Lynchburg location makes it possible for us to help patients from all over Virginia. We’ve created a cozy office that has a comfortable environment. The staff at Peery & Woolwine Family Dentistry also has pillows and blankets on hand, which are available upon request. Please call us to schedule an appointment at Peery & Woolwine Family Dentistry today.

Are you afraid of the dentist? It’s okay if you are. A fear of the dentist is very common, even in adults! If your dental anxiety results in you skipping or cancelling appointments, it can prevent you from getting the treatments you need. Our Lynchburg team has recognized that this can become problematic for some of our visitors. Now, Peery & Woolwine Family Dentistry can help relax you by using sedation dentistry to calm your nerves.

We have local anesthetic available for extractions and root canal therapy. This is administered in the form of an injection, and it produces a numbing effect. This can make it easier for you to undergo treatments.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a very popular method to ease dental patients. It’s been around for quite some time, too! Nitrous oxide was first used for dentistry in the mid-1800s, but has come a long way since then. Now, it’s practically a standard asset for any dental practice. When inhaled, nitrous oxide creates a light, almost euphoric sensation for patients. This feeling can relieve anxiety, allowing the Peery & Woolwine Family Dentistry team to provide the necessary care. The effects of nitrous oxide generally fade away quickly after the gas is shut off, too. Normally, patients are even able to drive themselves home!

If you have an extreme fear of the dentist, Dr. Peery may be able to use an oral conscious sedation for a stronger effect. You’ll receive a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication before your scheduled appointment date. This will need to be filled at your local pharmacy. You then simply take the medicine prior to receiving your care, and if all goes well, the ensuing calming effect will help you brave the dentist!

Please call Peery & Woolwine Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment today. We see patients from Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Miller Park, Woodland, Montview, and nearby Virginia towns. If this is your first time visiting Peery & Woolwine Family Dentistry, please visit our new patients page.