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General Family Dentistry in Lynchburg

Peery Family Dentistry can care for your household with general family dentistry!

The staff at Peery Family Dentistry knows how precious your loved ones are. You want to keep them safe, but do you stop to think about the state of their oral health? Our professionals can assist you during a general family dentistry examination. Dr. James M. Peery, Jr. and Dr. James M. Peery III enjoy helping patients improve their wellbeing, and we would like to welcome your family to ours! General family dentistry includes many aspects of necessary dental care. Please contact our Lynchburg office today to schedule general family dentistry appointments for your household.



General Family Dentistry from Peery Family Dentistry

We like to see general family dentistry patients every six months for an exam. This allows us to watch the progression of your condition and provide tips on how to best maintain a healthy mouth. During a general family dentistry appointment, Dr. Peery will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. Then, one of our skilled dental hygienists will perform a deep cleaning. This is done to remove bacteria and plaque from your enamel. Plaque can develop into tartar and could even lead to gum disease. It's important to attend regular general family dentistry visits because a normal toothbrush and toothpaste won't always get rid of these contaminants.

No general family dentistry service is complete without caring for your household's youngest members! Peery Family Dentistry sees kids for children's dentistry appointments from the time their teeth come in (usually around the ages of two or three) to their eighteenth birthday! However, if you notice something unusual about the way your child's teeth are growing before they reach that age, please call our office. Our general family dentistry team would be more than happy to take a look.

If we notice that a tooth has become extensively decayed, it may need to be extracted. The general family dentistry team at Peery Family Dentistry can do this as a last resort, but we try to catch cavities and fill them before it reaches this stage. We can also perform a wisdom tooth extraction for our general family dentistry patients. Wisdom teeth are third molars that don't grow in until late teen years to early twenties, and most people don't have room for them in their mouths! These extractions are standard, and it's a service we routinely provide in our general family dentistry office.

Please contact us to schedule a general family dentistry visit. Peery Family Dentistry sees patients from Lynchburg, Miller Park, Montview, Madison Heights, Woodland, and nearby Virginia locations. If you're a new general family dentistry patient, please look at our new patients page. We can't wait to help you protect your teeth today!

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